Chaos Walking Short Stories
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Patrick Ness

Hi, everyone,

I  always  thought  of  The New World, The Wide, Wide Sea and Snowscape as  secrets  to  tell  to  fans  of  the  books.   They're  set  firmly  in  the  world  of  Chaos  Walking  and  star  characters  you  already  know    Viola,  Mistress  Coyle,  Wilf,  Lee    telling  you  a  little  bit  more  about  them  and  hopefully  being  exciting  in  their  own  right.

I  really  hope  you  like  them.  I  see  them  as  treats.   If  you  made  it  all  the  way  through  the  trilogy,  here's  some  hopefully  fun  rewards. Hover  over  the  covers  to  find  out  more about each story.

Can't  wait  to  hear  what  you  think!

Patrick  Ness

The New World
The Wide, Wide Sea
The Knife of Never Letting Go
The Ask and the Answer
Monsters of Men

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